The Krugersdorp branch of the Catholic Women’s League was founded in September 1938.

Meetings are held on the first Tuesday of every month at 14:30 hrs in the Parish Hall.

New members are very welcome.

 President - Dorothy Harvey
   Vice President - Cecile Matejka
   Secretary - Cleone Wulff
   Treasurer - Patsy Scanes

The Catholic Women=s League was founded in England in the early 1900's, and was established in South Africa in 1931.

Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus, is the model of the League. As our patroness we acknowledge her as Mary Assumed into Heaven. League members imitate her obedience to both hearing and acting on the word of God. We strive to follow her example of bringing Jesus to others whom we meet, both in living out our faith and in the works of the League.

The motto of the Catholic Women=s League is: >Charity, Work & Loyalty=

CHARITY - The great virtue which speaks of our love of God, neighbour and self. The object of this virtue is our union with God through love. It is the force by which all our acts of good, directed towards ourselves or our neighbours, are performed for love of God.

WORK - This is our service to the Church, to one another and to society, and is one of our objectives. Our charity is put into practice through our various works.

LOYALTY - This virtue expresses our attitude towards the teachings of Christ, His Church and to the League=s objectives. It also implies our fidelity and support to other members within our League in terms of our thoughts, words and deeds.

Our Krugersdorp Branch

was started on 21st September 1938, and the foundation office bearers appointed were:
Mrs Anstey (President), Mrs Burman (Vice President), Mrs Seggie (Secretary) and Mrs Goodall (Treasurer).

Other familiar names are Mesdames Fortune, Foley, Henderson, Stanley, Stewart, Daly, du Chenne, Hoekstra, Paola, Prandi and Watson, to name just a few.

These ladies, inaugurated the branch, upheld the ideals of our motto and involved themselves in works of charity, commencing with assisting St Vincent de Paul. We helped with their street collection, and helped with the sale of Christmas stamps. Similarly, The Catholic Women=s League has continued to serve the local community since its inception.


September 2008 marked our 70th anniversary

Our annual C.W.L. Mass was held in September, most of the ministries at Mass being carried out by C.W.L. members. .  After Mass, the C.W.L. members served  tea.

We continue to uphold the motto of the League in serving the needy in our community. An ongoing monthly project is to financially assist various soup kitchens and feeding schemes. We also support local institutions and CHOC (a home in Johannesburg for children with cancer).

Once again we plan to host the  Spring morning tea for our senior and retired parishioners.

Annually we combine with the West Rand Council of CWL and neighbouring parishes to provide small food parcels to all the patients (600/700) of the Sterkfontein Hospital. We also have the Christmas >giving-tree' whereby we collect toys for distribution to underprivileged children.

Ongoing fundraising is a necessity in order to meet these commitments, and we are grateful to the parish for supporting our fundraising ventures such as cake sales, raffles etc.

On the spiritual side:
We look forward to our monthly spiritual exercise at our monthly meetings which are always inspiring and thought-provoking.
We offer a monthly Mass for our deceased members, and members come together at that Mass for our general Communion day.
In August we make a novena in preparation for the Feast of the Assumption.
In preparation for Holy Week services we organised a paschal meal with the parish.

It isn=t only >all work' though, and during the year we try to meet a couple of times for socialising and getting to know one another away from the business table.

We endeavour always to support and participate in church activity and many of our members are active in various ministries within the church.

We give thanks to God that He has continued to bless us in our work and in the commitment of the members of the League that has enabled us to keep going for 69 years. .

We extend an open invitation to ladies in the parish who might be interested in the Catholic Women=s League to attend a few meetings on a =come and see= basis. 

March 2009.