Festa Committee
The Festa Committee consists of about 10 people from the Portuguese community, who have for the past 21 years organized an Annual Festa  on or around the 7th of October to celebrate the feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, patroness of our parish in Krugersdorp.  
Preparations for the Festa include preparing the choir for the Mass which is the highlight of the celebration.  Other preparations are, booking a DJ for the day, entertainment for the children, hiring tables, chairs and tents, placing orders for meat, bread rolls, cakes and the flowers to decorate the inside of the church.
One week before the day of the Festa, the committee are hard at work putting up the stalls, a stage, and decorating the grounds with flowers, flags, and lights.  Tents are erected and tables and chairs put in place so that people attending the Festa can sit and enjoy their lunch, while watching the Portuguese folk dancers and other entertainment.
The music stops at about 22h00, and the Committee members are so relieved that all went off well.
Early Monday morning the same Committee members are hard at work dismantling the tents, taking down the flowers etc and cleaning up the grounds, a job well done as always.