The GriefShare Course
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Krugersdorp 2013


Saturday the 4th of May saw the final day of the second Griefshare Course held at the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Krugersdorp. Twelve participants gathered for the last time, as a group.

This was followed by a finger-snack ‘bring and share’ lunch. Present were two newcomers who will join us for the next course that will take place in June/July of this year.

Each participant was given a CD that Ray Gervais compiled himself, featuring 13 inspirational songs that were played at each of the thirteen meets.

The course was a huge success and the bonding that occurred amongst the participants was truly moving. Many arrived at the beginning anxious and unsure as to what they let themselves in for. Towards the end these same people had a moving camaraderie and deep concern for one another.

Some of the comments we received;
‘The people were open and wonderful, they never made me feel pressurised to get over my grieving.’

‘We Shared in emotions.’

‘I learned to forgive, and ‘let go.’

‘The bonding and understanding amongst strangers, and the Godly love they shared.
A new family.

‘It showed us different grieving experiences, and how it related to our grieving experience.’

‘I loved the friendless and kindness of the Group.’

‘The Group leaders were compassionate and humble.’

‘The fact that we were all in the same boat emotionally, and mentally, in the end, we all smiled together.’
‘They were welcoming and sympathetic humans “Like the rest of us” Always trying to calm the fear.’