The S V de P, Krugersdorp Chapter, was founded in 1937 and

meets every second Thursday  at 10:00 hr to discuss and plan how to meet  the needs of the 30 to 50 people who arrive at our Church on Thursday mornings, in need of food and /
or clothing. 

We arrange to visit and bring food parcels to the elderly, not only parishioners, but all in need of assistance.  

At Christmas time we packed and distributed approximately 250 parcels of fruit,  sweets and biscuits which we distributed to the 4 old age homes in Krugersdorp, as well as to the Memorial Flats, which also house a large number of old people.

The S V de P is there to assist the poor wherever it is needed, without distinction as to race, colour or creed.

All this thanks to the fact that we are part of a very generous parish.

CONTACT:  Chairman, Tony Gossayn.
                      E-mail: Mail me
1 October 2007.