Our Lady of the Rosary PPC is an statutory body required by the Bishop of Johannesburg. It consists of:
The Parish Priest as President,
8 members elected by the parish,
2 members nominated by the Parish Priest (Parish Secretary and from the Finance committee),
and 1 members representing the Ursuline sisters.

The purpose of a PPC is to facilitate proper consultation and common action in matters concerning religious formation and pastoral action in the parish.

The current PPC was elected in March 2010 and has a life of 3 years.

The MISSION of the Council is:

We the Holy Rosary parish, will strive to become a truly caring community - where everyone is needed and wanted. This is to be achieved by interaction and the personal approach. The goal is that all may better understand their co-responsibility with Christ for salvation.

VISION: To create a sense of belonging.

The Office Bearer's of the Council are:

PRESIDENT: Rev. Fr. Ignatious Fidgeon. OMI. Tel +27 (0)11 953 1788  -

CHAIRMAN: Dr. Bernard Cole. -

VICE-CHAIRMAN: Mr Blen Harvey -

SECRETARY: Mrs Marilyn Stark -

Mar. 2010.